Your flexible home test for HIV, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea

Your first test kit costs €75, for each additional kit you pay €59 per order. In each case including consultation, test kit, postage, shipping and laboratory analyses. The statutory VAT is also already included in the price. Good to know: If you meet certain requirements, you can get test kits for €10.

Easy ordering, trustworthy consultation

After a one-off online registration and initial consultation, you will receive your first test kit in just a few steps.

Discreet ordering & shipping

Our test kits are delivered and returned in inconspicuous packaging.

Professional laboratory analysis

Our laboratory, which is certified in Germany, tests every sample sent in according to the latest medical standards.

Reminder function that adjusts to your life

Once registered, requesting a new kit takes just a few seconds. And we discreetly remind you of your next test by text message.

This is how your STI testkit works

  1. Online registration
  2. Consultation from our test advisory center
  3. Sample collection at home
  4. Sending samples in the return envelope
  5. Results by text message or telephone
  6. Get your test kit every 3 / 6 / 12 months

We test for these STIs at s.a.m health

We don’t just want to offer you a home STI test with laboratory evaluation, we want to educate you about the various STIs. Because we believe that a self-determined sex life goes hand in hand with access to knowledge about safer sex. Our content is regularly reviewed and revised by experts from the German AIDS service organization.

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For us, the s.a.m health service represents a huge step forward in the expansion and accessibility of HIV and STI testing services, which is compatible with our standards of medical quality, information and self-determination.

Armin Schafberger | Former Medical Officer, Deutsche Aidshilfe
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