Sex is beautiful!

And we want it to stay that way. That’s why we have created a solution that gives you security for your sex life. STI stands for sexually transmitted infection. And that’s why we’re now unpacking and showing you what our STI home test can do.

Our s.a.m health test kit

With our STI test kit, you can regularly test yourself for the most common STIs that require treatment. Comfortably from home.

Can I also test myself only once?

Sure! For follow-up test kits, you will receive an SMS reminder depending on the agreed test interval. You can simply respond with “No test”. Then we will not send you another test kit.

💡 s.a.m health offers you the same security as a medical examination for sexually transmitted diseases.

Order STI test kit now

📲 Knowing your STI status is sexy

We at s.a.m health test for these STIs

Discreet STI tests that suit you.

Our innovative HIV & STI test kits have been developed for all genders and communities.

Simple ordering, trustworthy advice

After a one-off online registration and initial consultation, you will receive your first test kit in just a few steps.

Discreet ordering & shipping

Our test kits are delivered and returned in inconspicuous packaging.

Professional laboratory analysis

Our laboratory, which is certified in Germany, tests every sample sent in according to the latest medical standards.

Reminder function that adapts to your life

Once registered, the process of requesting a
new kits only a few seconds. And we will discreetly remind you of your next test by text message.

That is how your
sti testkit works

  1. Online registration
  2. Advice from our test advice center
  3. Sampling at home
  4. Sending the samples in the return envelope
  5. Results by text message or telephone
  6. Receive your test kit every 3 / 6 / 12 months

Why s.a.m health?

Why us? Very simple!

The focus is on your sexual identity and orientation!

We know that the world is colorful, queer and diverse. And that’s exactly how our advice is tailored to your needs.

You are never alone!

We are there for you before, during and after. Our service does not end with the STI home test, but accompanies you throughout the entire time.

You benefit from expert advice!

Our advisors are sex-positive and will advise you without any stigmatization.

Reminder function that adapts to your life

Once registered, it only takes a few seconds to request a new kit. And we will discreetly remind you of your next test by text message.

Results notification

If your samples are negative (no evidence of sexually transmitted diseases) you will receive a text message from us with the information. If a test is positive or reactive, we will send a text message to your checkpoint with a request to call you back. Yo discuss further steps with the person. We will never leave you alone with your result.

Your advisors at the partner checkpoint will also continue to be available if you have any questions about STIs, HIV or sexual health.

For us, s.a.m health’s offer represents a huge step forward in the expansion and accessibility of HIV and STI testing services, which is compatible with our demands for medical quality, information and self-determination.

Armin Schafberger, former medical officer at Deutsche Aidshilfe

The long-term goal is to increase the diagnosis rate and reduce late diagnoses in Germany through a simple STI screening service. This is intended to increase access to testing and lower the barriers to regular screening.

s.a.m health joint working agreement

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