Pandemic strategy for sexually transmitted disease tests


Healthcare in times of Covid-19: risks and opportunities

The current pandemic has raised awareness of infection prevention measures. At the same time, it presents us with challenges in other areas of healthcare, particularly regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases. This is where our innovative testing strategy comes in: Simply take the test for HIV and other STIs from home, when it suits you.

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Health management from home

In times of contact restrictions, the focus on individual health care is becoming ever stronger. Unser Service s.a.m health ermöglicht dir, einen Teil der Gesundheitsvorsorge selbst in die Hand zu nehmen und HIV sowie andere Geschlechtskrankheiten effektiv zu testen.

The importance of an effective testing strategy

An effective testing strategy is essential in the fight against HIV and STIs. This enables early diagnosis, prevents disease complications and interrupts chains of infection – all essential aspects in preventing the spread of these diseases.

The current pandemic and the associated measures could theoretically slow down the spread of STIs. On the other hand, the lockdown can also increase the risk of undetected infections if people avoid medical appointments and tests for sexually transmitted diseases for fear of infection.

With s.a.m health, we offer an innovative solution to this problem: you can test yourself for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases from the comfort of your own home and receive information about treatment options if the results are positive.

Our services are based on confidentiality, discretion and self-determination. In just a few steps, you will receive your test kit by post and can take the sample yourself. You will receive the results conveniently by SMS or telephone.

Sexuelle Gesundheit. Dein Weg.

Unser diskretes Versandtestkit bietet Labortests auf HIV, Syphilis, Tripper (Gonorrhö) und Chlamydien.